What is redistricting and why is it important?

Every ten years, state legislators redraw congressional and state legislative district maps in response to the latest census data. This process, known as redistricting, is as old as the republic. Gerrymandering, in which the party in power uses the redistricting process to entrench itself, is equally as old. Attempts by voters to end this practice have had varying degrees of success.

While gerrymandering has always been a prominent feature of Louisiana politics, the practice has become more pernicious. Increased political polarization and sophisticated computer programs have allowed politicians of both major parties to create districts in which the outcome of elections is practically a foregone conclusion. As a result, voter apathy has reached record levels and politicians who govern poorly are less likely to face consequences.

Some states have already passed reforms intended to prevent politicians from choosing their own voters. At minimum, Louisiana must reexamine its redistricting process and consider potential changes.

Fair Districts Louisiana is here to guide the way.

Here is June 2018 update on the status of redistricting reform across the country