About Fair Districts Louisiana

Fair Districts Louisiana is a grass-roots, nonpartisan alliance of citizens advocating for redistricting reform. We are motivated by the belief that free and fair elections are the bedrock of American democracy. In an era of partisanship, we believe that bolstering our democracy should transcend party or ideology.

Also at the center of our movement is the belief that gerrymandering is the inevitable consequence of the most severe conflict of interest in the history of representative government: that of being able to choose one’s own voters. This conflict of interest is a massive burden on politicians because it forces them to balance their respect for the electoral process with the powerful instinct for self-preservation.

Eliminating this conflict of interest will make for better politicians and a better government.

Our Objectives:

Fair Districts Louisiana’s objectives include:
→  Embracing a big tent! We welcome all who care about this issue.
→  Acting as an information clearinghouse for policymakers and the public.
→  Leading a civil conversation based on mutual respect.
→  Letting evidence guide the way towards potential legislative reforms.
→  Persisting until a legitimate solution is reached. 
→  Acting as a catalyst for Louisiana policymakers and citizens to determine how Louisiana   will draw its districts after the 2020 census.   

Fair Districts Louisiana was founded by Matt Bailey, Stephen Kearny, and Brandon Faske in 2017. Anyone wishing to correspond with the team is welcome to contact us at fairdistrictslouisiana@gmail.com.